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Our Founder

Lee Hon Man, Anthony
The founder and principal of
New Century Coins and Notes
How he starts his collection?

How does he start?

A  very ordinary Hong Kong family of seven, with the father a trusted tailor espoused to a careful and mindful better-half taking care of their offspring, was seeing winter come when the youngest child came about. He was the third boy of the family, after two brothers and two sisters.

Since primary years he didn’t other hobbies like collecting coins. So after P6 he eventually left his studies and headed straight for the world. He had worked in numerous fields and tried different jobs, yet that found in collections stir him day after day like a haunt. And then by chance or by grants he became a dealer and had really dealt in various shows and auctions. So it was thirty years, and that child is no longer a child, but a man rather experienced and renowned among the dealers. And that child, now a father of two.

Mr Anthony Lee.

His Experience

Great Experience

The past two decades has brought him a handful of great experiences, bringing him interviews from different media locally and all around the world including Japan and China. In the 1980s he and Mr Tak-wo Ma were invited to verify some exhibits for the Hong Kong Museum (now known as the Hong Kong Historical Museum). In 1999 the Chinese Numismatics Society invited him to the Guangzhou Coin Expo, and there was he rewarded its membership, becoming the first and only Hongkonger on its list.

Contributions to the Society

Mr. Lee is the member of different associations and he actively participated in lots of volunteer services. He spent his spare time to service community and try to share his experiences about coins and notes to the public.  He also serve as a volunteer in the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (formerly named as Urban Services Department). 

Membership and Work

 Member of Society and Association 

Numismatics Association
International Banknotes Society
Hong Kong Numismatics Society
Numismatics Society

Social Contributions and Work 

Hong Kong
Phone Cards Catalog, the first of its kind
"The Precious" From Victoria to Bauhinia, a history-story book on Hong Kong coins
Hong Kong MTR tickets Catalog, the first of its kind
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